May 17, 2011

Lely kembali berblogging ! yeehaaa...

sob3... hee gediks la u..

for those rase nak tengok title post aku je, plz click je la button close kat standard toolbar tu eh. hee
for those yg mmg eagerly nak bace neh. ha me h dekat kan lagi dahi kowang ngn screen. cm aku wat skg.. haa

k i am back from all the past . past is past.
weak? uff beb..plz la forget.
i duno why, lately love is too lame for me.
no sense, but i hardly try to shining it..even it refuse to shining.
tak pe la.. segale usehe tuh pasti ade hasil. tak besar, mesti ade sikit kan.

well from the past happen. i learn something, we could not mke someone stick to love us with their heart fully.
takpe. aku faham. muda mudi. ambillah mase itu. kerana itu takkan berulang lagi bile usie kite meningkat.
takpe. tat was a life time tat will never we forget. and we should have the one best ever and after rite.
but please notice, not cruel for someone. STEALING and DELETING. 
shoudy, please stay away from me u should !

uhm, tibe2 aku rase tak nak trus kan menulis. coz aku dapat rumours baru..
uff no..till when aku nak di belenggu begini. im tired okkkkkkkk !
uhm, i have wtiting somthing new. wait for me k. 
love you guys..
lome me too.


mysterious lolla said...

ala.. u .. i bru nk knal2 dgn owner blog comel ni.. ta mau la bhnti blogging k ? k?

LeLy shuhada shaari said...

hee...tak jadi benti lah ade lolla ;p