Mar 25, 2011

am i oke ? ;-(

people ask why you look tired ?
i said : nothing
people ask why you look sick ?
i said : nothing
people ask why you look pale ?
i said : nothing
people ask why you look sad
i said : nothing 

And it is covered with 

seat alone byself
And it accompany with 

"if i know love is hurting me , i'll avoid it''
but you force for it
but why ?
it is too GREAT havin in LOVE
till you have to cries ?
you have to pain ?
you have suffer ?

Boy you are amazing
just the way you are .
This what i felt when i fall'in LOVE with you
and the feeling never dull
never change
never stop
Till you didn't feel the same that way you are 

In the middle:
we are happiness together
holding hand together
shared it together
promise me that im your Queen ever n after
promise me that im your lil prince everlast
promise me that your heart is forever mine
too long , too much.
i forgot your LOVE is INFINITY
i always push you babe..
how much the INFINITY

you said its too much baby..
never mind.

when i look at you
i wish you look at my wish
And flash me that dazzling smile that
really makes my day
But of course it's just a dream
a dream that won't come true
and for unrequited love 
I wrote this song for you

I always think of how it'd be
if we were together
You and me holding hands
It's a dream
I can picture it right now
You and me
It's a dream
It's a possibility...

When I look out of my window
I hope you look up at me
If only you could read my heart
My love so true you'd see
How empty my life would be
If I don't have you
And for unrequited love 
I wrote this song for you...

It's a dream... it's a Possibility

sowi..lukisan ni tak penah sempurna seperti saye di mate kamu hari ini ;-(
sudah banyak die simpan..
cekal lah..


eby said...

life is meaningful..u gain tis..u r lucky means..
sabar taw sayang...

Anonymous said...

kesian kamu..kamu tabah ea..

Husna AFSHA said...

n i said : y u olwez said nothing..?
ckg aja 2 jew ea.?haha..papew pown hidop mzt diteruskan..chaiyok3...

dea izzana said...

u'r drawing means a lot.. no nedd to be perfect.. i'm touch! T-T .. love love love

LeLy shuhada shaari said...

semuanye..thanx..wish be be more stronger !