Sep 28, 2011

keep all the worth things :)

a simple . short . entry just to remind to all peeps whose occupant as NR students, to keeps all the worth things belong to you now. Thief . thugs is everywhere. even in ur home :) upss. nothing :) Regarding to all previous cases , it makes me scared with my own placement. or easy say, home :) Allah lindungi hambamu ini sekali lagi :)
nite ;)
P/s oh ya , tidur jangan seksi sangat keh :D


Saiazuan said...

there is no safe place whether you stay in or NR..

LeLy shuhada shaari said...

aah. but since NR palcement getting worse , it makes me wory all the time :)

Khairul Rahman said...


LeLy shuhada shaari said...

amin. doakan kami nua :)